garden venue

Sometimes finding a suitable venue for a small intimate wedding can be difficult. Firstly, you are usually charged quite a good deal of money even if you only have a small guest list of 10-20 friends and then you need to worry about the possibility of bad weather if you want to have a wedding outdoors.

Well I can assist you in this. I can offer you, at no additional cost, a garden wedding complete with a small running stream and an archway on the bridge if the weather is kind. But if the weather is not agreeable, you also have the option of having your ceremony inside, in a neat little reception area. Depending on how late in the day you choose to have your ceremony you can have garden lights or nature can supply the most amazing sunsets.

Weddings can take place from early morning, (yes, even sunrise) or late into the evening to catch the beautiful flaming backdrop.

I can even offer a play room for little ones not coping with any serious part of the day.

ALL of this at no additional cost to my low fee.

Overseas couples really enjoy this venue and local folk wishing to renew their vows have also taken advantage of this offer.

If you wish to have decorations in the reception area, pre or post-ceremony drinks and canapes can be arranged but there would be an additional cost for food and drinks.

Give me a call and discuss your wants and desires and I will do my best to grant your wishes.

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